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Welcome to Sierra Pacific Design. We are the #1 company for waterfall and fish pond construction in Los Angeles using ECO-FRIENDLY products and materials for a safe and friendly environment.

Sierra Pacific Design is a family-owned and run waterfall design and pond construction company in Los Angeles. We are fully licensed and insured general contractors with a passion for building fish and Koi ponds along with gorgeous garden waterfalls. The Sierra Pacific Design team has a unique and artistic vision for the way water features can transform residential and commercial gardens in Los Angeles.

Designer James Schevers offers full service pond waterfall design service and installation of fish ponds and waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, Koi ponds, fountains and streams using natural materials with a respect for the surrounding environment. Each pond construction project is customized to both the landscape setting and the desires of the client. For over a decade, Sierra Pacific Design has been bringing the dream of a beautiful and tranquil landscape water feature to both the gardens to local homeowners and commercial developments.

Our passion for waterfall design and pond construction projects derives from a belief that interacting with nature on a daily basis promotes peace and happiness in one’s life. Whether it is a serene Koi pond tucked into a shady corner of a front porch, or a waterfall cascading down granite boulders into a backyard stream and lovely Koi pond, we take pride in each and every pond construction project.

If you are looking for the best waterfall design and fish pond builder in Los Angeles, you have come to the right place! We invite you to view our beautiful pond and waterfall design portfolio and see for yourself.

Latest Blog Posts

  • The Beautiful Ponds and Waterfalls in LA at the Huntington Library

    There are many beautiful ponds and waterfalls in LA, but if you want to see some of the prettiest Koi ponds and waterfalls all in one place then look no further than the gorgeous botanical gardens at the Huntington Library. The Huntington Library gardens include approximately 120 acres of specialized botanical gardens including a “Japanese Garden”, a “Jungle Garden,” a “Desert Garden”, a “Rose Garden” and a “Chinese Garden.” If you are looking for inspiration for a backyard garden pond and waterfall design, you will find this and much more at the Huntington Library gardens. Huntington Library Garden Pond and Waterfall Highlights The tropical Jungle Garden features a high forest canopy of trees, shrubs, climbing vines as well as ferns, palms and bamboos. The highlight of the Jungle Garden is a beautiful waterfall which adds the tranquil sounds of water to complete the tropical setting. The Japanese Garden was opened Read more →

  • Happy Holidays! Pond Maintenance Winter Special

    Happy Holidays from everyone a Sierra Pacific Design. We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year. Jamie and the team, Sierra Pacific Design Ponds and Waterfalls Winter Specials Pond Maintenance Special Our complete pond maintenance service includes: Remove your fish to holding tanks Flush and power wash your pond Remove all sticks, leaves and debris Check for leaks in the pond liner Clean the filters Replace skimmer bolts and biological filter bolts with stainless steel bolts Check the lights and light fixtures Cut back plants Refill the pond Acclimate and reintroduce your fish back into their brand new clean home. Call (310) 915-6600 for more details Pond Renovation Winter Pricing Pond renovations and makeovers can include: Landscape design consultation Waterfall rebuilds and new waterfall designs Accent rock adjustments, restorations and redesigns Check and fix leaks in the pond liner Concrete pond repair Pond Read more →

  • 6 Tips for Fall Pond Maintenance

    The leaves start to change colors, the weather gets colder and before we know it Fall is here. And while we typically have mild winters in Southern California compared to the rest of the nation, it’s important that we take some steps to ensure that we will have a healthy fish pond come springtime. Here are 6 tips for fall pond maintenance: 1.  Install Netting to Catch Falling Leaves If your pond is underneath a tree or located near trees you can make your cleaning efforts easier by installing netting over your pond in order to catch falling leaves. Make sure the netting is above your pond surface. 2. Clean Out Your Skimmer If you decide not to use netting then make sure that you clean your skimmer basket and empty it out daily. You will need to clean your skimmer basket more often at this time of year anyway. Read more →

  • Fall Fish Pond Clean-out Checklist

    Fall is here and it’s a good time to think about doing a fish pond clean-out to prepare you fish for the winter months ahead. The process is fairly simple and can usually be done in one day but be prepared because it’s a messy and smelly job. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, just let us know and we will come out and do it for you. Call us at: 310-915-6600 or email to schedule a Fall pond clean-out today. Fall Fish Pond Clean-out Checklist Fall represents a unique time of year when your pond can undergo dramatic changes in water temperature and water balance due to the change in weather and falling leaves and decaying plants.  Our Fall pond clean-out checklist will help you through the steps and if you need any assistance just give us a call. Items you will need: Buckets Read more →