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Welcome to Sierra Pacific Design. We are the #1 company for waterfall and fish pond construction in Los Angeles using ECO-FRIENDLY products and materials for a safe and friendly environment.

Sierra Pacific Design is a family-owned and run waterfall design and pond construction company in Los Angeles. We are fully licensed and insured general contractors with a passion for building fish and Koi ponds along with gorgeous garden waterfalls. The Sierra Pacific Design team has a unique and artistic vision for the way water features can transform residential and commercial gardens in Los Angeles.

Designer James Schevers offers full service pond waterfall design service and installation of fish ponds and waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, Koi ponds, fountains and streams using natural materials with a respect for the surrounding environment. Each pond construction project is customized to both the landscape setting and the desires of the client. For over a decade, Sierra Pacific Design has been bringing the dream of a beautiful and tranquil landscape water feature to both the gardens to local homeowners and commercial developments.

Our passion for waterfall design and pond construction projects derives from a belief that interacting with nature on a daily basis promotes peace and happiness in one’s life. Whether it is a serene Koi pond tucked into a shady corner of a front porch, or a waterfall cascading down granite boulders into a backyard stream and lovely Koi pond, we take pride in each and every pond construction project.

If you are looking for the best waterfall design and fish pond builder in Los Angeles, you have come to the right place! We invite you to view our beautiful pond and waterfall design portfolio and see for yourself.

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  • Adding Waterfall and Pond Lights to Illuminate Your Garden

    People may not know it, but landscape lighting technology has come a long way since the old days of bulky energy-hogging fixtures and is now very energy efficient using LED systems. Adding new LED pond lights and waterfall lights will bring beauty to your garden landscape at night and is simple to install and easy to operate.Remember Less is More Remember Less is More When adding waterfall and pond lights remember the saying “less is more,” and that the eye is naturally drawn to the contrast between light and dark. It does not take many lights to create a stunning effect in illuminating your pond and waterfall. Identifying Your Focal Points The first step in adding outdoor lighting to your pond and waterfall is to identify the focal points. These focal points will typically be the main waterfalls and perhaps some of the pond and surrounding plants. Other focal points Read more →

  • Turn Your Garden Pond into a Festival of Lights

    If you have ever had guests over and entertained in your backyard at night, you know that patio lighting is an important factor. Decorative lights are important in helping people find walkways and paths to patio areas and a pond light is a beautiful focal point. But don’t stop there. Your entire garden, including your waterfall and pond, can be illuminated in different colors to showcase your beautiful garden at night. Just remember that illuminating a landscape at night is all about creating a mood and an atmosphere that turns your garden pond into something magical. Low volt LED lighting systems are very popular for garden and pond lights and have an extremely long life lasting up to 100,000 hours. They are also very durable to weather and moisture and often have the ability to change colors or be dimmed depending upon your taste. Want some inspiration for your garden Read more →

  • How to Build a Waterfall That Looks Natural

    In our last article “The Art of Building Backyard Waterfalls” we discussed important factors you need to think about before you start to build a waterfall. We also talked about the most important factor which is the height, width, and depth of the waterfall design. Make sure to review these important factors before you start to build a waterfall by yourself! Once you are ready, let’s jump and discuss factors that need to be considered when you build a waterfall. Decide on Your Boulder Size The size of your boulders is very important. If you use boulders that are too small, your waterfall will look like water flowing over small pebbles. Typically the larger the boulders and spillways, the more dramatic the waterfall looks. For example, a small 2-foot waterfall should incorporate at least two large 2-3 foot sized boulders while a 4-foot waterfall should use at least three boulders Read more →

  • The Art of Building Backyard Waterfalls

    When looking at backyard waterfalls built by hand, we have all seen those “WOW” waterfalls that take our breath away with their beauty and we have also seen those “what were they thinking” waterfall designs that look unnatural and just plain ugly. So what exactly are the design and landscaping secrets that we use to make beautiful, natural looking backyard waterfalls?   Step 1: Think About the Flow of Water When building a backyard waterfall and pond it’s important to ask yourself “how will the water flow” at every step in the design process. Boulders and rocks should be placed in a way that you know exactly how the water will cascade off of the upper boulders and down to the rocks below. Going through this process of thinking how the water will flow off of spillways and the path it will take flowing through the rocks below is essential Read more →