5 Tips For Natural Looking Waterfall Construction

The primary focus of any backyard pond and waterfall project is the waterfall, so you will want to take some time while designing and building it and let your creative juices flow.

The first step in waterfall construction is to determine exactly where your main viewing location will be. Whether you will be admiring your waterfall from a patio sitting area or living room window, determining the best viewing locations will help to decide the eventual placement of your waterfall, stream, and pond.

5 Tips For Natural-Looking Waterfall Construction:

  1. Always consider where the main viewing area will be
  2. Use as few stones as possible for the waterfall, the larger the better
  3. Tilt your spillway stone slightly forward for best performance
  4. Use black waterfall foam to fill in the joints between rocks and stones
  5. Bring in topsoil around your stream and pond to level off the berm

Once you have determined the direction of the waterfall then choose an elevated position for your biofalls filter pump and waterfall spillway. Lay down your pond liner and begin adding medium to large sized rocks along your stream and around your pond retaining wall.

Begin building up the waterfall spillway by placing large framing rocks around the spillway. Next, dig a hole for the biofalls filter behind the spillway and place the biofalls filter in position. Add large boulders to each side of the spillway to serve as framing rocks and to cover the edges of the biofalls filter. Fill the waterfall entry point with a large stone with a flat surface. This will be your waterfall spillway stone and it should just cover the top edge of the biofalls filter. Be sure the flat spillway stone is level from side to side and add medium and smaller sized rocks to fill in any voids in the waterfall spillway.

Finally, fill out the surrounding spillway area with rocks and stones. Remember that stacking stones on top of one another will always appear manmade so try to keep the rock placement as natural looking as possible.

Watefall Construction

Once you have built your pond and waterfall, it’s time to turn on the water and see how everything is flowing. Look at how the water moves along its path and move smaller rocks around in order to increase or decrease the water flow. Also, add some small and medium stones throughout the watercourse to create interesting variations and a natural feeling to the flow of water. At this point, it’s easy to get lost in the details so always make sure to step back and look at the entire waterfall construction in order to get it looking just right.

Designing a waterfall for maximum impact is not as easy as it seems but the end results are definitely rewarding and you can expect many compliments from guests as they admire your amazing natural looking backyard waterfall and pond.

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