6 Tips for Fall Pond Maintenance

pond-maintenanceThe leaves start to change colors, the weather gets colder and before we know it Fall is here. And while we typically have mild winters in Southern California compared to the rest of the nation, it’s important that we take some steps to ensure that we will have a healthy fish pond come springtime.

Here are 6 tips for fall pond maintenance:

1.  Install Netting to Catch Falling Leaves

If your pond is underneath a tree or located near trees you can make your cleaning efforts easier by installing netting over your pond in order to catch falling leaves. Make sure the netting is above your pond surface.

2. Clean Out Your Skimmer

If you decide not to use netting then make sure that you clean your skimmer basket and empty it out daily. You will need to clean your skimmer basket more often at this time of year anyway.

3. Remove Debris

An increase in decaying leaves and shrubs can produce toxic gases and change the water balance in your fish pond over time so it’s important to remove as much leaves and debris as possible.

4. Clean the Pond Bottom

Use a long handled pond net to clean the pond bottom of debris. Be gentle as you do not want to puncture your pond lining.

5. Check the Water Balance

A higher level of leaves and debris at this time of the year can affect your water balance. Make sure to test your oxygen, ammonia and nitrite levels. Doing a partial water change will also give your fish a cleaner environment over the winter. Don’t forget to use a water conditioner if your tap water contains chlorine or chloramines.

6. Trim Back Plants

Fall is a great time to divide and re-pot plants. Hardy plants can be pruned and you can trim back your aquatic plants, water lilies and stems to 2-3” above the base of the plant to keep dead foliage from decomposing into your pond.

Need some help with your pond maintenance?

With our complete cleaning service we will remove your fish to holding tanks, drain and power wash your pond, remove all sticks, leaves and debris, clean the filters, check the lighting, cut back plants and start the filling process.  When there is enough water in the pond we will acclimate and reintroduce your fish back into their brand new clean home.

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