Artificial Grass Installation That Doesn’t Look Artificial

With California facing one of the most severe droughts on record, many homeowners are looking to water sustainable and eco-friendly landscaping solutions such as switching from real grass to artificial grass or artificial turf. The latest generation of high quality artificial grasses have a soft, lush natural grass appearance that looks great year-round. These new artificial grasses look incredibly natural and provide a low maintenance, weed free surface that can save thousands of gallons of water each year year. Imagine no more weeding, mowing, fertilizing and patching!

Artificial grass is right for you if you:

  • Want an environmentally friendly solution
  • Want a lush green lawn year-round
  • Are tired of lawn maintenance
  • Want to reduce your water bill
  • Prefer a more sanitary environment for kids and children
  • Need a better garden drainage solution
  • Want your own outdoor putting green

Installing Artificial Grass is Harder Than You Think

artificial-grass-installationUnfortunately, a poor artificial grass installation can make artificial turf look bad, with uneven patches and bumps, and even seams showing. One common reason artificial grass doesn’t always look “real” is due to poor ground preparation. Installing a proper base surface under the artificial grass is critical for maintaining the stability of the landscape. The base material should be spread evenly and properly leveled and graded to meet any drainage requirements.

Drought tolerant landscaping ideas

Drought tolerant landscaping by Sierra Pacific Design with low water plants and artificial grass

Get A Custom Artificial Grass Landscape Design

At Sierra Pacific Design, we install high quality artificial grass with an eye toward providing a realistic outdoor landscape that looks completely natural while enjoying the benefits of low maintenance and sustainability. We use custom grass installation techniques to properly prepare the surface and eliminate visible seams. We also integrate native plants into the landscape design so that the artificial grass blends naturally with the surrounding landscape.

This combination of artificial grass and native plants creates a completely realistic lush and green garden landscape that is completely sustainable. Combine this approach with a pondless waterfall or a fish pond fed by a sustainable rain catchment system and you can actually create a wonderfully natural and realistic garden landscape with flowing water that is surprisingly drought tolerant.

Enjoy a beautiful green lawn without the constant maintenance! Contact us today for a free quote on a custom landscape design and artificial grass installation and for your garden landscape.

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