The Beautiful Ponds and Waterfalls in LA at the Huntington Library

Japanese Garden PondThere are many beautiful ponds and waterfalls in LA, but if you want to see some of the prettiest Koi ponds and waterfalls all in one place then look no further than the gorgeous botanical gardens at the Huntington Library. The Huntington Library gardens include approximately 120 acres of specialized botanical gardens including a “Japanese Garden”, a “Jungle Garden,” a “Desert Garden”, a “Rose Garden” and a “Chinese Garden.”

If you are looking for inspiration for a backyard garden pond and waterfall design, you will find this and much more at the Huntington Library gardens.

Huntington Library Garden Pond and Waterfall Highlights

The tropical Jungle Garden features a high forest canopy of trees, shrubs, climbing vines as well as ferns, palms and bamboos. The highlight of the Jungle Garden is a beautiful waterfall which adds the tranquil sounds of water to complete the tropical setting.

The Japanese Garden was opened to the public in 1928 and features a gigantic drum or moon bridge that sits astride a beautiful Japanese Koi pond and waterfall. There is also a tranquil zen garden and an authentic ceremonial teahouse to explore. The Japanese Garden covers over 9 acres and is one of America’s oldest and most elaborate Japanese Gardens.

The Chinese Garden is a relatively new addition and development was dedicated in 2008. The garden is the largest Chinese Garden outside of China and features unique rock and stone formations brought to the US directly from China. The Chinese Garden features lakes, ponds, waterfalls, a tea house and beautiful gardens to explore. It is sometimes said that a Chinese Garden is like a scrolling painting which presents a selection of carefully composed scenes. As you wander down the various paths of this garden you will truly be amazed at the beautiful scenery and vistas that abound.

The Huntington Library is also home to a variety of fine art which is displayed in the Huntington Art Gallery and Virginia Steele Scott Gallery of American Art. The galleries feature a combination of European art and American art as well as a collection of stained glass, textiles, embroidery ceramics, woodblock prints and much more.

With so many things to see and do, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to wander the art galleries and beautiful gardens. Visit the Huntington Library website for more information on planning your trip.

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