Turn Your Garden Pond into a Festival of Lights

If you have ever had guests over and entertained in your backyard at night, you know that patio lighting is an important factor. Decorative lights are important in helping people find walkways and paths to patio areas and a pond light is a beautiful focal point. But don’t stop there.

Your entire garden, including your waterfall and pond, can be illuminated in different colors to showcase your beautiful garden at night. Just remember that illuminating a landscape at night is all about creating a mood and an atmosphere that turns your garden pond into something magical.

Low volt LED lighting systems are very popular for garden and pond lights and have an extremely long life lasting up to 100,000 hours. They are also very durable to weather and moisture and often have the ability to change colors or be dimmed depending upon your taste.

Want some inspiration for your garden pond lighting? Take a look at the TSB Bank Festival of Lights which runs from mid-December to late January every year in Pukekura Park, one of New Zealand’s premier botanical gardens. The garden and pond lighting is truly spectacular and shows you really how magical a garden can become at night.

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