Ideas for Beautiful Outdoor Garden Water Features

There is nothing quite like the sound of rushing water over smooth rocks to drain away the stress of the day. The sight and sound of running water trickling down to a lush and beautiful garden pool provides one with a unique connection to nature apart from the stresses of daily life. The beauty and tranquility that garden water features evoke is second to none and ensure that it will remain a favorite element of your garden landscape for years to come.  At Sierra Pacific Design, we install backyard water features such as garden ponds or waterfall spillways into swimming pools with an eye towards integrating natural water features into your garden landscape. And, we always use eco-friendly products and materials for a safe and friendly environment.

About Sierra Pacific Design

We are proud to offer our clients unique and artistic water features that seamlessly blend into your garden environment. Our services include designing waterfalls, building Koi ponds and fish ponds, installing pondless waterfalls, and building garden ponds and streams. All of our designs are completely unique and utilize natural materials for their creation. We believe that interacting with nature on a daily basis promotes health, happiness and peace in our client’s lives.