Ideas For Garden Water Features

Do you want to make a big impact with your garden this year? One of the best ways to bring nature into your garden is by installing a water feature. A waterfall, stream or beautiful Koi pond is the perfect way to bring the sights and sounds of water into your garden landscape. Plus, when done right, a water feature will improve your property value as well as become an enjoyable, long-lasting focal point in your garden.

When thinking about a garden water feature, some people naturally consider installing a prefabricated fountain or DIY pond. Yet, while there are many styles of ready-made fountains and ponds on the market, they can sometimes look odd or out of place in a natural environment.

Water Features That Enhance The Natural Surroundings

We believe that the best option for designing a water feature in your garden is to actually construct the water feature right into the garden landscape. This means that the waterfall, stream or pond is carved into the landscape in a way that enhances your garden while living in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Water Feature Design Examples

From gushing waterfalls to trickling streams and beautiful koi ponds, here are some great ideas for garden water features.

Pool and Patio Water Features

Another technique for bringing water into your garden landscape is to consider integrating a water feature into an existing swimming pool, patio or home architecture element. In this way, the natural beauty of water flows seamlessly into the man-made components of the outdoor space. The goal is to integrate the water feature in a way that feels completely natural and harmonious with the surrounding garden elements.

Pool Water Feature

Risk-Free Water Feature Consultations

We know that you will be astounded at the difference that a water feature can bring but we also know that it can be challenging to envision the end result. That’s why we offer completely risk-free consultations where we learn more about your environment and provide you with ideas for bringing the beauty of water into your garden landscape.

A Custom Water Feature Costs Less Than You Think

Contact us today at (310) 915-6600 to learn how water can transform your garden landscape into a tranquil and beautiful oasis.

backyard waterfalls

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About Sierra Pacific Design

We are proud to offer our clients unique and artistic water features that seamlessly blend into your garden environment. Our services include designing waterfalls, building Koi ponds and fish ponds, installing pondless waterfalls, and building garden ponds and streams. All of our designs are completely unique and utilize natural materials for their creation. We believe that interacting with nature on a daily basis promotes health, happiness and peace in our client’s lives.

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