Watch An Epic Koi Pond Build for Celebrity YouTuber Logan Paul

We recently spent the day with Greg Wittstock, The Aquascape Pond Guy where we learned more about his custom Koi Pond Build for popular video blogger and YouTube celebrity Logan Paul. Logan Paul is a celebrity vlogger and social media star, and you can visit Logan’s YouTube channel here.

Greg’s Koi pond build for Logan includes an Aquascape ecosystem pond design which is set in the back near the office where Logan works. From the side yard, an elaborate series of waterfalls all drop into a stream which meanders and flows under a garden bridge and then down into the Koi pond below.

The pond is 24” in depth and is completely covered in rocks and gravel to give the pond a very natural look and feel. Finally, at the end of the pond are a dramatic set of three large fountain urns resting in the water near the patio. This fountain focal point is a great example of mixing man-made water features into a natural water environment.

“Nothing transforms an environment the way water does. A water garden can now be an affordable, low-maintenance water feature that provides an enormous return in enjoyment,” says Greg. “Water gardens and ponds today are all about beauty, plants, fish and a relaxing natural lifestyle.”

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