Koi Pond Construction Services

At Sierra Pacific Design we pride ourselves on utilizing the best Koi pond construction  techniques for water gardens and garden landscapes in Los Angeles. We know without a doubt that constructing a tranquil water garden or Koi pond can bring color, life and beauty to your garden landscape.

Remember however that your average landscaper or contractor will not know all of the intricate details that need to go into the construction of a well-designed Koi pond. If you are serious about Koi pond construction techniques which will allow your beautiful Koi or “living jewels” room to swim and grow, you owe it to yourself to work with an established waterfall and pond construction expert like Sierra Pacific Design.

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When starting a new Koi pond project one thing you need to know is that a water garden and a Koi pond are two different things entirely. Water gardens are typically smaller and shallower and are designed to add distinctive water elements such as water lilies and other water plants to a garden landscape. Goldfish and other small pond fish can also live comfortably in a water garden.

Constructing a Koi pond, on the other hand are typically larger and deeper and include important elements such as a deep area that is at least 36″ deep in order to allow your Koi fish room to hide from natural predators such as cats, raccoons and herons. Remember Koi can grow quite large and they will appreciate the extra room to swim, dive and hide in. Another important aspect of Koi pond construction is the installation of a good filtration system and being sure that landscape and fertilizer run-off will not drain right into your new Koi pond.

Of course, the best way to have the beauty of a water garden and the enjoyment of a Koi pond is to have both! We can construct a beautiful water garden that slowly trickles into a tranquil exotic Koi pond where your beautiful fish will be displayed. The water plants won’t be eaten by the Koi and your Koi fish will be visible in their natural habitat without being hidden by water lilies and other water plants.

If you are serious about constructing Koi pond it is critical to the long term health of your beautiful Koi fish that you work with a pond builder that is also a pond expert. We specialize in Koi pond construction  for the Los Angeles area and will make sure that your Koi pond design is engineered for both the health of the fish and the aesthetics of your garden landscape.

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