Tips From An Expert Los Angeles Pond Builder

Many people ask us how easy is it to build a pond. As the #1 expert pond builder in Los Angeles we are happy to share some pond building tips for you to consider when building a pond. Of course, if you are not quite sure what you are doing it is always best to consult an expert pond builder and we are always here to help.

Helpful Pond Building Tips

Tip 1: Pond Location
When you are planning to build a pond choose a place with a good mixture of sun and shade. You can also consider creating a hill or utilizing a natural hill in order to put in a waterfall. Another thing to consider is building your pond and waterfall closer to your home so that you can enjoy the sights and sounds while entertaining friends on a backyard deck.

Tip 2: Rocks & Gravel
Adding rocks and gravel when building a pond solves many pond problems and reduces pond maintenance. Gravel provides a good surface area for bacteria to grow. When fish waste or other organic matter settles to the bottom of the pond it is broken down by the bacterial living there.

Tip 3: Pond Depth
It is a myth that when building a pond it must be at least 3 feet deep. There are thousands of 2 feet deep Koi ponds all around the country. Digging means more work, more water to fill the pond and more additives to treat algae. Unless you are living in an extremely cold climate the most efficient pond depth is 2 feet and the sides should be as shear as possible

Tip 4: Koi Fish & Water Plants
Koi fish and water plants can co-exist in a pond and naturally complement each other. Koi fish produce waste which, in turn, is used as fertilizer by the plants in order to grow and produce more natural fish food. When building your pond and placing plants and rocks don’t forget to set up hiding places for your fish to hide from natural predators such as cats, raccoons and blue herons. Lily pads and rock crevices or small caves are perfect hiding places.

Tip 5: Box Skimmers
No one wants to see green water in their backyard pond so good pond filtration is the best way to maintain consistently clear water. Adding a box skimmer discretely into the side of your pond will drastically reduce maintenance as it will pull the top layer of water into a collection area and trap surface debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pond.

Box skimmers come with either vertical or horizontal filter mats and horizontal mats are typically the most effective, while providing the least amount of maintenance.It is also best practice to select a pump that is at least one size up from your best estimate to be sure that you have adequate circulation and filtration.

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