Create a Garden Oasis with Outdoor Water Features

Introduce the sight, sound, and beauty of flowing water into your garden landscape with outdoor water features. Whether it is a rambling stream leading to a gushing waterfall, a tranquil fish pond with water plants or a custom water feature, introducing flowing water into a garden can truly transform your landscape in ways that you cannot imagine. With an outdoor water feature, the gentle sounds of running water have an instant soothing effect on the mind, body, and spirit.

Natural Water Features That Enhance Your Garden Landscape

When building our water features we strive to integrate the beauty of water into your garden as naturally as possible. The result is always a pleasing transformation that provides a focal point in your garden landscape that does not necessarily stand out by looking artificial or unnatural. We also design custom wall water features and pool water features that integrate the element of water into man-made garden elements.

Risk-Free Water Feature Design Consultations

We know that you will be amazed at the difference that water brings to a garden environment, but we also know that it can be challenging to imagine exactly how a water feature will look in your garden landscape. That’s why we offer risk-free consultations so that you can get ideas and learn more about how water can transform your landscape into a beautiful garden oasis.

Building Perfect Outdoor Water Features

Your project will start with a complimentary consultation with Los Angeles’ #1 Aquascape Pond, Jamie Schevers, who will discuss your vision and provide different water feature ideas for your consideration. Jamie will show you examples of past projects and plot out the proposed water features in your garden landscape so that you will be able to envision how the finished water feature will look.

Jamie will even design underwater lights and above ground lighting so that your water feature becomes a brilliant garden focal point after dark. Finally, as a certified Aquascape waterfall and pond builder, we only use high quality, durable Aquascape products so that you can rest assured that your outdoor water feature will stand the test of time.

What types of water features do you envision for your garden?

We want to hear from you! Contact us today at (310) 915-6600 to talk with one of our water feature landscaping professionals.


About Sierra Pacific Design

We are proud to offer our clients unique and artistic water features that seamlessly blend into your garden environment. Our services include designing waterfalls, building Koi ponds and fish ponds, installing pondless waterfalls, and building garden ponds and streams. All of our designs are completely unique and utilize natural materials for their creation. We believe that interacting with nature on a daily basis promotes health, happiness and peace in our client’s lives.

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