Rainwater Collection Without Using Ugly Rain Barrels

Many residents in Los Angeles have already made adjustments to their landscaping strategies in an effort to cope with our ongoing California drought. Classic green lawns are disappearing in favor of drought tolerant landscaping that requires less water and many homeowners are also utilizing outdoor rainwater collection systems such as rain barrels as a way to conserve every last precious drop of rainwater.

A row of rain barrels, however, isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, and some may be understandably reluctant to have them stacked in the lovely garden that they have worked so hard to create. Fortunately, collecting rainwater doesn’t have to mean installing rows of ugly rain barrels. Instead, homeowners can now greatly enhance the beauty of their garden landscape by adding an Aquascape RainXchange rainwater harvesting system that efficiently collects rainwater while being practically invisible in the garden.

Rainwater Collection Los Angeles

The RainXchange Doesn’t Use Rain Barrels

Imagine the enjoying the appearance and sound of a sparkling waterfall while relaxing on the deck or entertaining family and friends with an outdoor barbecue – using sustainable rainwater and without an ugly rain barrel in sight! This can be achieved using an Aquascape RainXchange™ Rainwater Harvesting System that use a sub-surface drainage system to harvest rainwater instead of unsightly rain barrels.

The rainwater is stored underground and is available for use on an as-needed basis. Moreover, collected rainwater can be re-circulated in water features such as waterfalls and garden ponds, meaning homeowners save money on municipal water costs, elevate the value and appeal of their property with a water feature, and can rest assured that they are doing their part to conserve water during a drought. Collected rainwater can also be used to irrigate gardens of vegetables and herbs with nutrient-rich rainwater free of municipal water additives and chemicals.

Make Every Drop of Water Count

Even drought-stricken California receives some annual rainfall water, and if predictions are any indication, this year’s strong El Nino weather pattern may bring significant precipitation to the Los Angeles area this winter. Smart homeowner will be ready to catch every last drop of precious water for later use because long-range forecasts indicate that despite some seasonal El Nino activity, the drought is far from over. Remember however that drought conditions doesn’t mean that drought tolerant gardens need to be an ugly pile of rocks and cactus – just because people are giving up their lawns and allowing water-intensive vegetation to die doesn’t mean that they have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal in their outdoor living spaces.

Garden Waterfall Design

A gorgeous pondless waterfall, for instance, can provide a beautiful and lush focal point for a drought tolerant garden landscape while being completely sustainable when paired with an Aquascape RainXchange system.

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