Small Garden Water Features

Any garden, no matter how small, can incorporate water features to enhance the existing landscape. Water features always add an enchanting quality to a garden, and everything just seems more relaxing and tranquil with the sound of running water in the background. Natural wildlife such as birds, butterflies, frogs and dragonflies are also drawn to small garden water features and a beautiful waterfall often becomes the focal point of your new garden paradise.

A Fountain Sometimes Looks Out of Place

When it comes to water features, do it yourself landscapers often purchase an inexpensive, pre-build fountain, hook it up and put it in their garden. Unfortunately, while relatively easy to install, garden fountains often look old fashioned or out of place and may not match the design aesthetics of the exterior of the home. Fountains can also overpower the garden if they look too ornate, are too large or are placed in the wrong spot. Remember, your water feature will quickly become the focal point of your garden, so it is important to think carefully about how you want to design your water features into your existing landscape. Don’t think cheap. Beautifully designed garden water features not only bring peace and serenity to your garden, but often add to the property value of your home.

Pondless Waterfall Water Features A pondless waterfall can give your garden an impressive waterfall using less space.[/caption]

Get Our Essential Tips for Small Garden Water Features

Learn how to transform your landscape into a garden paradise with our handy guide containing 16 essential tips for small garden water features including:

  • Selecting the right pond location
  • Determining the right pond size and depth
  • Using rocks and gravel to reduce pond maintenance
  • Tips for utilizing Koi fish, goldfish and water plants
  • Waterfall placement
  • Choosing the right waterfall pump
  • Controlling water loss
  • Creating a naturalistic waterfall design
  • Spillway rocks and rockwork
  • Pondless waterfall design


About Sierra Pacific Design

Celebrated Los Angeles pond builder and waterfall designer Jamie Schevers builds custom water features for small gardens with a clear eye for designs that blend naturally into the surrounding landscape. Jamie uses his landscaping expertise to build beautiful waterfalls, garden ponds and water gardens that bring movement, life and the tranquil sounds of flowing water into your garden landscape. Every water feature is custom designed to meet your maintenance and budget requirements and exceed your design expectations.

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