The Ultimate Backyard Pond Water Garden

Although we primarily specialize in affordable backyard pond and waterfall landscaping that brings the joy of nature and water to your garden environment, sometimes it is fun to see what the millionaires are up to. Come with us and explore the ultimate backyard pond water garden, Heinscraft Gardens in Sarasota Florida.

This incredible water garden features a swimming pool lagoon with gorgeous waterfalls and natural rock including a smooth stone water slide. The rock landscaping alone features 48 tons of limestone and 198 tons of quartz sandstone.

Backyard Waterfall Fish Pond
But that’s not all, the property also features an incredible 100,000-gallon fish pond with over 20 different species of fish that meanders through a variety of small islands, bridges, and walkways. The fish pond is so big that you can comfortably snorkel and swim with the fishes.

A Custom Garden Pond Costs Less Than You Think

While most of us may never be able to achieve the level of this ambitious water garden, you will be surprised at how affordable a backyard pond and water garden can be. If you are interested in taking your backyard landscaping to the next level, contact us today at (310) 915-6600 for a complimentary site survey and estimate. We guarantee that your backyard pond and waterfall will be the envy of the neighborhood!

backyard waterfalls

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About Sierra Pacific Design

We are proud to offer our clients unique and artistic backyard garden ponds and waterfalls that seamlessly blend into your garden environment. Our services include designing waterfalls, building Koi ponds and fish ponds, installing pondless waterfalls, and building garden ponds and streams. All of our designs are completely unique and utilize natural materials for their creation. We believe that interacting with nature on a daily basis promotes health, happiness and peace in our client’s lives.

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