Tips for Building a Backyard Pond (Part One)

Have you ever wondered how a backyard pond is built? In this video the Aquascape Pond Squad joined by local certified Aquascape contractors build a backyard pond complete with mini waterfalls as a surprise for their in-laws in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Although they make it seem easy and fun, keep in mind that the Aquascape Pond Squad has already planned out the backyard pond design in advance and has an entire army of contractors to help finish their backyard pond. The reality is that proper site surveying and creative pond landscape design takes some time – and it is not always straight forward and easy! Feel free to contact us anytime for a complimentary site survey and design ideas for your backyard pond.

Here are some essential tips for building a backyard pond.

Part 1 -Planning to Build a Pond

Tip 1 – Check Your Soil Stability

Check the soil and make sure that the soil is stable enough to support a pond in your desired location. Stability is important as once your fill your pond it will become quite heavy, and if your soil is not compacted the pond walls may collapse or become misshapen.

Tip 2 – Choose Your Location

When you are planning on building a fish pond, remember to choose a site that gets at least partial sunlight. Sunlight is essential for water plants which your fish will feed on. If possible, you should select a location so that the pond can be enjoyed from a window in your house. You can reduce pond maintenance by deciding not to build your pond under a tree as the leaves and twigs will end up constantly falling into your pond and filling up the skimmer. As these leaves decompose, they can also end up altering the water’s chemical balance and end up killing fish.

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