Adding Waterfall and Pond Lights to Illuminate Your Garden

Waterfall Pond Lighting

People may not know it, but landscape lighting technology has come a long way since the old days of bulky energy-hogging fixtures and is now very energy efficient using LED systems. Adding new LED pond lights and waterfall lights will bring beauty to your garden landscape at night and is simple to install and easy to operate.Remember Less is More

Remember Less is More

When adding waterfall and pond lights remember the saying “less is more,” and that the eye is naturally drawn to the contrast between light and dark. It does not take many lights to create a stunning effect in illuminating your pond and waterfall.

Identifying Your Focal Points

The first step in adding outdoor lighting to your pond and waterfall is to identify the focal points. These focal points will typically be the main waterfalls and perhaps some of the pond and surrounding plants. Other focal points can include a spot light on a tree, a piece of garden art or the garden walkways and planters.

Add Secondary Lighting

Once you have decided on your primary focal points you will want to connect them together with secondary lighting. We use secondary lighting to illuminate the dark areas between the focal points and create cohesion throughout the garden landscape. Used effectively, it is this secondary lighting that often creates a stunning nighttime garden ambience.

Decide on Pond Lighting Wattage and Transformer Location

When you are deciding on your pond wattage it is important to remember the lower the better. We use a larger number of fixtures with a lower wattage when designing our pond and waterfall waterscape. One thing to keep in mind is the placement of the transformer as it can be a bit of an eyesore. Plan to have about a foot minimum clearance on all sides as this will help keep moisture from the transformer. Also, all wires entering the transformer should be placed into conduit to protect them from damage.

Adding waterfall and pond lights can create a stunning landscape when it is done properly, transforming your nighttime garden into a beautiful landscape of painted lights.

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