Have Recent Winds Made a Mess of Your Pond? Our Pond Clean-out Will Have it Looking Like New Again.

Is your pond dirty and full of leaves after the recent storms?  After our comprehensive pond clean-out, your pond will look sparkling new just in time for the holidays!

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of our Winter Clean-out Special Pricing through December 31, 2017 on all pond clean-outs.

Pond Clean-Out Winter Special:

  • Remove your fish to holding tanks
  • Flush and power wash your pond
  • Remove all sticks, leaves and debris
  • Check for leaks in the pond liner
  • Clean the filters
  • Check the lights and light fixtures
  • Cut back plants
  • Refill the pond
  • Acclimate and reintroduce your fish back into their brand new clean home.

Call us at 310-915-6600 to schedule a clean-out today.

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